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ICONOGRAPHY - 2018 Risograph Calendar Gift Set

£20.00 / Sold Out

Originally referring to devotional religious paintings, icons now mean something a little different to many of us. According to Google, use of the word peaked sharply in 2000, alongside MSN messenger, Baby-G watches and Britney Spears. In modern usage, the word feels synonymous with people and things that are widely recognisable, representative symbols of beauty, fame and talent, along with a more functional definition now firmly utilised in computing as the graphic representation of the programs, options or windows we navigate on our device screens — i.e. a desktop icon.

From Potato Jesus to MySpace Tom, this iconic 2018 calendar plays with both of these ideas, sharing the stories behind a collection of art, religion, science, technology, beauty and resistance iconographies through the curious lens of contemporary culture and the internet.

This special ICONOGRAPHY collection includes:
1 x 2018 A4 wallhanging calendar, 1 x A6 postcard, and exclusive temporary tattoo set, all in a high end black string & washer envelope printed using metallic gold ink.

The calendar features 12 original drawings recreated in 2-colour risograph and is spiral bound / ready to hang.

Printed in Birmingham by Rope Press Ltd.
Limited edition of 50.