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LUDUS - Illustrated Temporary Tattoo Set


In ancient Roman culture, the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings within the semantic field of play, game, sport, training. In reference to love, ludus is considered a playful or uncommitted form with a focus on no-strings-attached fun. Ludus relationships are casual, undemanding, and uncomplicated but, for all that, can be very long-lasting.

In this first #byngink set we jovially share things that we love in a playful context, celebrating some of the everyday love affairs at the heart of our world; from public transport to dresses with real pockets.

This special LUDUS collection includes:
6 x temporary tattoos and 1 x A6 collectible postcard in a high end red string & washer envelope, complete with #byngink temporary tattoo instructions.

The set features 6 original drawings recreated in digital print.
Designed and printed in Birmingham, UK.

LUDUS is part of our LOVE series exploring Greek words for some of the different types of love in our lives.