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PRAGMA / PHILIA - Illustrated Temporary Tattoo Set


“All I meant was I don’t think couples are the future.
You need more than that. You need back up.”

- Marcus, About A Boy

This set celebrates a combination of pragma (longstanding love) and philia (deep friendship), through the marriage of Barack & Michelle Obama and some of their famous homies.

Pragma is the deep understanding between long-married couples. The psychoanalyst Erich Fromm said that we expend too much energy on “falling in love” and need to learn more how to “stand in love.” Pragma is about precisely that and focuses on personal qualities, compatibilities, and shared goals.

Philia concerns the deep comradely that developed between those who fought side by side on the battlefield. It was about showing loyalty to your friends, sacrificing for them, as well as sharing your emotions with them.

This special PRAGMA / PHILIA collection includes:
5 x temporary tattoos and 1 x A6 collectible postcard in a high end red string & washer envelope, complete with #byngink temporary tattoo instructions.

The set features 5 original drawings recreated in digital print.
Designed and printed in Birmingham, UK.

PRAGMA / PHILIA is part of our LOVE series exploring Greek words for some of the different types of love in our lives.