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孤独 | SOLITUDE Zine


"Solitude, a rest from responsibilities, and peace of mind, will do you more good than the atmosphere of the studio and the conversations.” - Louise Bourgeois.

This zine is about adventure, memories and spending time alone, sharing what for me was a personal pilgrimage to the islands of Naoshima and Teshima in Kagawa, Japan.

Whilst incredible art projects (and a little help from some funding) were what brought me there, the lasting feelings were of art having been the vehicle for me to explore nature, my own thoughts and connect with a new culture, spirit and community of people in a way that left a lasting imprint on my dotty pumpkin of a heart.

A5 | 20pp | Printed on a range of papers.

This zine features original drawings recreated in 2-colour risograph, and is hand stitched using blue thread.

Printed at Rabbits Road Press, London.
Limited edition of 24.